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Romantic Dinner

MVNGATA Boutique Hotel Experiences will be the highlight of you ideal vacations in Playa del Carmen.

Holding hands while walking through a romantically lit path leading to a candlelit table as the moon and the stars observe from the skies and the waves in the sea dance to the rhythm of your heartbeats. Live a romantic gourmet experience in our secluded beach… a unique experience for love.

Temazcal Playa del Carmen

Temazcal Experience

Wellness vacation in Playa del Carmen is one of the most approached activities, in Mvngata Boutique Hotel experiences you will find the best options to connect with your inner self.

Temazcal ritual has been part of Mexican and South American culture for around 1,000 years. The name itself originates from a Nahuatl word Temāzcalli, which means “house of heat.” Renew your energy in a unique ceremony of reconnection, in the heart of the jungle. As a result, you will feel relaxed and completely renovated. 

Spa Rituals

Put on your vacation mode, get immersed in wellness and connect with yourself while enjoying our selection of rituals based on organic treatments that are inspired by Mexican elements and ancient traditions.

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