6 Good Reasons to Enjoy the Best Vacations in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of those cosmopolitan destinations, which are perfect for exploring, enjoying various night activities and parties, but it is also a city with a great culture and majestic beauty, it is one of those cities that you will fall in love with instantly!

If you are planning a fun trip to the Mexican Caribbean, here we share with you 6 good reasons so you can enjoy the best vacations in Playa del Carmen!

1. Any Season is Perfect to Travel to Playa del Carmen!

Being located in the Mexican Caribbean, Playa del Carmen offers a wide variety of options to enjoy during your vacations in any season of the year, including water activities, guided tours, visits to archaeological sites, cenotes, beaches, and much more!

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2. Beaches of Playa del Carmen

The beaches of Playa del Carmen feature an idyllic beauty and where you will find powdered white sand framed by the seductive Caribbean Sea with its fine turquoise hues, they will be the perfect setting for your next trip to Playa del Carmen!

Thanks to its gentle waves, in any of the beaches you will find something to do due to the variety of activities that they offer, such as snorkeling, kayaking and windsurfing.

3. Nightlife

Playa del Carmen, like Cancun, is well known for offering a vibrant nightlife with multiple bars and nightclubs, many of them located on the famous Fifth Avenue (the Quinta Avenida) and its surroundings. However, there are many other options for travelers in search of relaxation or for those who wish to explore the mystical Mayan world.

At MVNGATA Boutique Hotel you will also find various night experiences such as sunset dinners, romantic dinners and the lovely Mvngata nights.

4. Theme Parks

Very close to MVNGATA Boutique Hotel you can escape to enjoy the natural theme parks such as Xcaret where you will enter a fantastic natural environment surrounded by lush jungle, refreshing underground rivers and a beautiful beach for sunbathing.

Furthermore, and located a few minutes from Xcaret, the Xplor park offers endless activities to free your adventurous spirit. At Xplor you can slide through the jungle on an extensive network of zip lines, drive an all-terrain vehicle or swim through the underground river between caverns framed by stalactites and stalagmites.

Xel-Há, located approximately one hour from MVNGATA Boutique Hotel, is an all-inclusive natural park where you will enjoy snorkeling, exploring the cove aboard an inflatable tire, as well as venturing down an incredible slide.

If you want to visit any of these parks, please approach the MVNGATA Boutique Hotel concierge where you can purchase your favorite tours.

5. Cenotes

The cenotes are located throughout the Yucatan Peninsula and are the result of the meteorite that crashed in the port of Chicxulub, a small fishing village, millions of years ago, and that caused the peninsula to emerge, creating the perfect conditions for these caverns to be formed with the filtration of water, giving rise to an extensive network of underground rivers and water pools where you can cool off and admire their impressive rock formations: some of them are open, semi-open and some others totally closed.

Some of the cenotes in Playa del Carmen that you can visit during your next stay at MVNGATA Boutique Hotel include:

  • Cenote Azul
  • El Eden
  • Cenote Cristalino
  • Aktun Chen
  • Ruta de los Cenotes (located in Puerto Morelos, 30 minutes from Playa del Carmen)

6. Archaeological Sites

Playa del Carmen has a privileged location in the heart of the Riviera Maya, making it the starting point to visit the Mayan archaeological sites such as Tulum and Cobá, which are located approximately one-hour drive away.

Other archaeological sites that you can visit on your next getaway to Playa del Carmen are:

  • Polé: located inside the Xcaret park. If you wish to visit it, you can do so when you pay your entrance fee to the park or, if you prefer, you can go to the INAH booth located at the park’s entrance to enjoy the free guided tour.
  • Chichén Itzá: located in the Mexican state of Yucatán, approximately two hours from MVNGATA Boutique Hotel
  • El Rey: Located in the Hotel Zone of Cancun. Take the opportunity to visit these ruins if you escape one day to Cancun.
  • San Miguelito: Also located in the Cancun’s Hotel Zone, a few steps from the archaeological zone of El Rey, on the Cancun Mayan Museum premises

In addition to these 6 good reasons to enjoy the best vacations in Playa del Carmen, can you think of any others?

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