The 5 most extreme Playa del Carmen ‘Adventure’ Tours (2022)

If you are looking for some adventure during your Playa del Carmen vacation, look no further. The adrenaline makes things a little bit more exciting, doesn´t it?

Riviera Maya is more than privileged by its beautiful scenery. The landscape also offers an optimal environment for numerous adrenaline-fueled activities, including ziplining and swimming in underground caverns.

What to do in Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen is a kaleidoscope of ancient history, legends, myths, spicy flavors, and an extraordinary natural environment that is waiting for you to discover.

With a wide selection of tours and natural parks, you can be sure to set yourself up for a great time.

And since all of these offers are close to the city of Playa del Carmen, you can get an extreme adventure by day and by night time have an amazing cozy dinner at your hotel.

So before we begin, ask yourself: what is my favorite adventure?

Our most recommended Playa del Carmen Extreme Sports & Adrenaline Sports

Playa del Carmen has a hot/humid tropical climate. So don’t forget the reef-safe sunscreen, eco-friendly mosquito spray, and reusable water bottle.

Pack light clothing, you will probably sweat because of the heat and humidity. Nights can get fresh depending on the month of the year, so include a light sweater. And of course, don´t forget your swimwear.

Immersed in enchanting natural scenery, you will have a handful of options. For those who are animated by a spirit of adventure and want to experience unusual sensations more than the traditional tourist routes, Playa del Carmen is a good place to be.

You first have to start by choosing an underwater or above-water adventure. The Riviera Maya hosts some of the best diving spots along the second biggest reef in the world. And the world-renown “cenotes” have helped create such impressive underground caves that will take your breath away.

If you choose to go above the water, zip lines and ATV drives inside the greenest jungle will satisfy your thrill-seeking hunger.

What do people say about Playa del Carmen?

When looking for extreme adventures, you have to be prepared and follow basic safety rules. You are going to be visiting wildlife places where you are a stranger.

Although you will probably not be so close to the living space of jaguars and crocodiles, be conscious of the potential presence of wild animals like iguanas, monkeys, or “coatis”.

Travel insurance can give you some peace of mind, just like a car or home insurance. Playa del Carmen has world-class medical facilities if your extreme sports fun goes overboard.

Having fun in Playa del Carmen is a must. But like in any other new surroundings don’t go so overboard (especially with alcohol) that you make yourself a vulnerable target.

Traveling in Playa del Carmen can be very safe. Like anywhere in the world, if common travel tips are ignored, you can probably get into some trouble.

Popular Extreme Sports & Adrenaline in Playa del Carmen

ATV & Zipline

A fast-paced experience that will accelerate your heartbeat.

Start the day with round trip transportation to an underground cenote where you can snorkel around to see the underwater nature.

A bilingual guide will accompany you and tell you all about the places you will visit.

Enjoy flying through the air over the jungle on a zipline. And for an additional adrenaline rush, an ATV (All-terrain vehicle) tour. But don´t worry too much, you will get the required   safety gear.

This Playa del Carmen adventure includes a buffet lunch and beverage.

For information on how to book this adventure, talk to us.


Zak Aktun Natural Reserve

You will observe natural history dating back millions of years, as you hike and swim through a route of about 1 km full of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Go deep inside an underground cave, where you’ll experience true silence among some of the most dramatic mineral formations in the world.

Xplor Park

It´s a thrilling adventure full of adrenaline on Ziplines, Amphibious Vehicles, swimming and riding on Rafts over stalactite rivers, discovering ancient caverns and caves in an underground world, and gliding on a hammock into a cenote. The most intense nighttime adventure!


If you want more traditional adventures, Xel-ha is a good pick.

Get unlimited snorkeling, food, and drinks while you can observe multicolor fish and a great diversity of marine species that inhabit the fresh waters of its rivers, cenotes, and natural inlet.

Other sightseeing options in Playa del Carmen

Luxury Sailing

Reserve a great luxurious sailing trip on the Caribbean Sea. Visit the area\’s best coral reefs where you can enjoy snorkeling with tropical fish, and if you are lucky even with sea turtles and other magnificent sea creatures.

Sit back and relax, have some snacks and let the professional bilingual staff prepare you some drinks from the open bar.

Paddleboarding is also available, for a perfect Playa del Carmen adventure.

Chichen Itza

Although everyone has their preferences, according to our best-seller tours at Mvngata Boutique Hotel we can say that the preferred one is a guided tour to Chichen Itza.


Tell me the best thing to do in Playa del Carmen other than extreme sports & adrenaline?

If you have a feeling for a more relaxing day, enjoying the Caribbean breeze and sunbathing in the sand is always a great option.

The turquoise waters blend with the cloudless sky on the horizon for an incredible show. And for a more exquisite experience, top the view while having a massage right at the beach.

There is always a rooftop infinity pool to fool your sense into swimming in the ocean, but closer to the sky… and the bar! A great mixology expert can introduce you to local flavors.

If you are looking for new experiences for your senses, Playa del Carmen has great gastronomic options to get to know the local culture.